Do not purchase if you do not agree with:

By making a purchase, the general conditions of sale are accepted without reservation

  • The shipment will be made only to the address indicated on the website (print shipping labels automatically), so be careful that it is correct and you want to ship to another place, fix it before the checkpoint of the transaction.

  • Direct deliveries: Sale items may be located in different places from our main office.

  • Therefore, for logistical reasons and administrative direct delivery is expected only after agreement with our business or in cases of excessive weight or size of the object or if its nature does not consent to the shipment

  • Cancellations: In case of purchase and subsequent waiver reason for the customer's own, for the cancellation of the transaction will be charged management costs.


  • After the purchase and shipment of the order, if you have any doubt to wait before taking any initiative concerning payment, wait for the information that will be sent and obey them, thus helping to provide a more timely! !!

  • Payment must be made within 3 days of ns. payment notice, the shipment will be credited only when the amount of the purchase. Therefore nothing will not be sent "on trust" scanning money orders or bank transfers.

methods of payment:

  • Paypal: and Credit Cards. ACCEPTED, In recent years, PayPal has become the most widely used online payment method. Today it is not necessary to be registered and have an open account. You can pay by credit card, also rechargeable via this method. It is very simple, just make the choice of payment and follow the instructions for the payment of paypal.

  • Bank Transfer: Very ACCEPTED used as a payment method, to do so you have to go to your bank, or if you have active service can do so comfortably from home online. Accreditation requires about 1/2 working days depending on the bank.

  • PostePay: ACCEPTED, the method provides that the customer makes a refill on our postepay card, the data is sent via the order confirmation. This method does not guarantee a payment receipt for your purchase, it is based on mutual trust between seller and customer, but is widely used, as it is easy and does not require further additional fees. To recharge, you can do it from home if you have the online account of the Italian post office, or you can go to the tobacco shop through lottomatic, or mail, at the door.

  • Mark: NOT ACCEPTED, unfortunately we can no longer accept, which causes conflicts with the couriers that they ask overly high costs for the service. We also have the problem that many objects for sale can not be applied, such as, "cables bulk meter, suitcases flycase tailored, custom-made cables with welding service, etc., Because things are not personalized and resalable to others. "- For all these reasons we are forced to have to give up to offer this service, which is a cost to the customer, who can avoid using all other payment methods modern and reliable

  • Cash: and other methods only with the retreat in the materials and to agree upon your request.

Shipping and Costs:

  •  The shipping is calculated based on the weight of the objects, and is performed with the Postal Service and Courier Expresso. We offer different types of shipments including: Traditional and Fast Delivery with Registered Mail for small items, other courier Express.

It is however the customer chooses the shipping, and you can also do well in the withdrawal.

We also RECOMMEND insure the goods of value, do not respond in any way for damage or malfunction of the material, due to the transport.

With insurance coverage you have 100% of your purchase to the average cost of 4 Euros unless otherwise indicated included in the listing.

The shipment will take place within 1/2 working days of receiving payment.

Shipping cost:

  • DELIVERY: with International Express, SDA, DHL or others, which in the COST FROM 7,50 EURO

  • SHIPPING: REGISTERED WITH COST FROM EURO 5.90 (up to a maximum weight of 0.35 Kilograms and the size allows you to send with this method).

Exceeded the maximum weight for the type of shipment, the system proposes the dispatch supervisor or Courier Express.

Conditions Warranty and Returns:

  • Implementation of Directive n. 85/577 / EEC on contracts negotiated away from business premises, the customers who have bought from us, products for exclusive personal use can recede from the same purchase within 14 calendar days after delivery of goods, provided that the products to be returned are perfectly still sealed. The withdrawal shall be explicitly communicated by mail: (in this case better letter), by email or PEC, in one of these e-mail: ( ( expressly manifesting the will of withdraw and no need to explain the reasons, specifying "the references of purchase" and "bank" on which to support the reimbursement.

  • The consumer, for his part, once the withdrawal request, is obliged, within 14 days, to return goods bought and no longer wanted.

  • We must, however, be careful because the possibility to withdraw is excluded for certain contracts, in particular, service contracts after the complete execution of the service (eg welding service etc.), Contracts of sale of goods or custom "measure "(example: Flight Cases tailor etc.), perishables, goods already sealed and unsealed by the consumer, the contracts for repairs and maintenance required by the consumer, and other cases provided for in the decree.

  • The customer must send, at his expense, the goods covered by the withdrawal at the address: "The ELECTRIC Torre Gabriele, Viale Work, No. 78 / 80-62014 CORRIDONIA (MC).

  • The payment of the indebtedness will be made by the same method in which it was paid, or on the coordinates given by the client in the days following receipt of the goods, or covered by the withdrawal. Will not be reimbursed in any way shipping costs related to the purchase, as it is the customer who chooses the shipment and to pay the costs, including among the choices, there is also the possibility of withdrawal at our headquarters at zero cost, and even for the return as reported by the law, it is for the client buyer, also will not be accepted and managed only made on the basis of telephone calls or voice communications.

  • Send an email to at least exercise your right.